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Willie Evans Jr.....Cyber Sheik

Aug 10 '14
Beat Du Jour - Rattlesnake Soufflé


4th beat from the new beat series, Beat Du Jour. Served up fresh daily, directly from my beat machine to you.

May 30 '14
May 15 '14

Busy week but I’m sticking to my regimen. This weeks remix coming soon. Featuring Edan & Percee P saying quite syllabic things.

May 12 '14
Tonight! Get there 30 minutes ago! :)

Tonight! Get there 30 minutes ago! :)

May 8 '14
Megaran Epoch EasterEggMix

Fun Fact: Ran’s DJ (DN3)took first place in a Street Fighter II tournament that we entered on our last tour together. I beat him afterward so that makes me the champ. This is a logical fact that no one can dispute. Also, I said it on the internet so it’s true.

May 2 '14
MelaMachinko-Sing(Sang Mix)

When I say Mela does the sing stuff I ain’t playin’. Thank you ma’am you made my week.

May 1 '14

This weeks remix comin’ at a perfect time for me cause my car is tryin’ to be caputski and finals is snap kickin’ me in the mayouf. Also, @melamachinko does the sangins. #@guyroutte RationMeMoPellas

Apr 19 '14
Somehow record store day turned into me at this? (at Rain Dogs)

Somehow record store day turned into me at this? (at Rain Dogs)

Apr 17 '14
Dillon Maurer - Stop(Nostrildamus Mix)

And then with(out) warning #Lobsterdamus unleashed the sniffening. A thousand unkempt hairs from the olfactory detection masterpiece that was #Nostrildamus. “It was snot my choice to do this! You brought it upon yourselves!!” He exclaimed with barely concealed relish. Once the village was obliterated, #Lobsterdamus raised his pinchers and scuttled sideways with the speed of a thousand crabs until he was no longer visible in the horizon.

—From the scrolls of #Nostrildamus

Apr 16 '14

Much needed music therapy is gonna bring you this weeks joint. Tomorrow… @dillonmaurer …STOP… rmx #FullPlateFam #LobsterdamusMeetsNostrildamus #FaceSlap