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Willie Evans Jr.....Cyber Sheik

Apr 17 '14
Dillon Maurer - Stop(Nostrildamus Mix)

And then with(out) warning #Lobsterdamus unleashed the sniffening. A thousand unkempt hairs from the olfactory detection masterpiece that was #Nostrildamus. “It was snot my choice to do this! You brought it upon yourselves!!” He exclaimed with barely concealed relish. Once the village was obliterated, #Lobsterdamus raised his pinchers and scuttled sideways with the speed of a thousand crabs until he was no longer visible in the horizon.

—From the scrolls of #Nostrildamus

Apr 16 '14

Much needed music therapy is gonna bring you this weeks joint. Tomorrow… @dillonmaurer …STOP… rmx #FullPlateFam #LobsterdamusMeetsNostrildamus #FaceSlap

Apr 15 '14
Got it locked on them smellfies though. #Smellfies #Nostrildamus #KRSapproved

Got it locked on them smellfies though. #Smellfies #Nostrildamus #KRSapproved

Apr 10 '14
Paten Locke - Ventilation(WillTangMix)

This weeks remix: its the P locke pa plocka plock plocka plockaaaaaaaa! *click click* PLOCKAAAAAAAAAA!

Apr 7 '14
Axela(Steam Remix) Rob Roy via Willie Evans Jr.

Music therapy. Upped as promised. (circa last week)

Will probably up the album we did together soon.

Apr 7 '14

Everything that I can fit onto 4gigs (including video chop beat set) comin’ soon. Limited availability. Also, @patenlocke remix under construction. #WillTangClan #InsideJokeWithMyself

Nov 18 '13

My wheel turning speed is increasing.

Oct 19 '13

#A3C 2013
I think I’ve only missed one? In fact, we headlined the first one I think. Can’t remember. Either way this year was good stuff.

Oct 13 '13
Just got rewarded for liking 50 posts? Is that good?

Just got rewarded for liking 50 posts? Is that good?

Sep 4 '13